Ethernet benefits in your Amiga
[26 January 2001]

New driver for PCI Ethernet network cards for Mediator PCI released

Elbox Computer has released today a new version (1.2) of MediatorNET.device for Mediator PCI for PCI Ethernet network cards.

The new version of the driver enables simultaneous using of several PCI
Ethernet cards in Amiga fitted with the Mediator PCI busboard.

Support of New Style Device (NSD) has been added and operation procedures
have been optimised in order to reach the maximum transfer performance.

MediatorNET.device is a Sana-2 standard driver. This driver is compatible with all the Amiga TCP/IP software packages which can access a Sana-2 driver (e.g. Miami, MiamiDx, Genesis and AmiTCP).

PCI Ethernet network cards installed in Mediator PCI are the fastest and the most cost-effective network cards for Amiga computers at the moment.

Elbox Computer is offering PCI Ethernet cards with the following parameters:

* RTL8029AS PCI local bus 32-bit single-chip Ethernet controller
* 16K byte SRAM built in
* Compliance with PCI V2.1
* Compliance with Ethernet II and IEEE802.3 10Base5, 10Base2, 10BaseT
* Support for the Full-Duplex function to double channel bandwidth (20Mbps)
* Support for Flow Control (802.3x) to improve network performance in the
  full-duplex mode
* Built-in data prefetch function to improve performance
* Built-in 10BaseT transceiver
* Auto-detect capability between the integrated 10BaseT transceiver and AUI
* BNC and RJ-45 wiring connectors
* One LED on bracket providing LINK indicators

Suggested street price for PCI Ethernet card: EUR 25.00

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Why do you need a network card in Amiga?

The ethernet card enables connecting Amiga with other computers.

With such a connection you may have access to the Internet with a modem
(regular modem, ISDN, SDI or commuted access) installed in another computer.

With the SAMBA package <http://www.amigasamba.org>, you may use resources (files, printers, etc.) of computers working under Windows 9x, Windows NT, DOS, OS/2 or UNIX connected in one network.

When you install 2 network cards in your computer and use support for multiple interfaces available in the MiamiDx package (www.nordicglobal.com), you may use a PPP dial-up line and an Ethernet network connection at the same time; also, you may exchange data between different networks. MiamiDx is also offering the opportunity of protection networks by way of a built-in firewall.

Are you still considering uses of a network upgrade?

Wait no longer -- the prices for this move are ridiculously low when you go for Mediator, and the benefits are numerous.

Can you imagine being yourself able to get hold of all the resources of other operational system AND keeping your faithful Amiga computer at the same time?

So easy... now...

Mariusz Siaczyklow
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department

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